Poker Games: The different types

Poker is one of the simplest and fun games to play whether just for fun, or professionally for money. It is also one of the most common casino games we have today. Although quite thrilling, it might take some time to master the different categories that exist today. There are different types of poker games that exist, but we will only mention a few:

Texas Hold ‘em – This version is said to be the most common. The game requires two players and a dealer. The players will first have two cards which are referred to as the hole cards. The game then proceeds with betting where the players can choose to fold, bet or check.

Omaha High, or Omaha Hold ‘em – is the second most common poker game in the world because it closely resembles Texas Hold ‘em. It is famous especially amongst people who want more action and thrill, compared to Texas Hold ‘em. The only difference with this game is the fact that players hold four cards instead of two. The game is also managed by the dealer.
Omaha Hi/Lo – This game is a variant of Omaha Hold ‘em and is more complicated. The players need to have a high and a low hand, hence the name. This game can be quite confusing but it is still very thrilling.

Razz – This is another variant where the game is decided by the lowest hand ranking instead of the highest hand ranking. It is not as well known to players in the casino, but due to online casinos, its popularity is slowly catching up.

Seven Card Stud – This game is one of the favourite choices for the professional players who want some element of difficulty. The only difference is the fact that the player cards are open for the opponents to see. That is what makes it quite difficult.