How Malta became the gambling centre of Europe

There are certain locations which will forever be associated with gambling; think of Las Vegas, for example, or Ian Fleming’s fictional Royale-les-Eaux. But when it comes to Europe, there is only one place that can be called the continent’s gambling Mecca: Malta.Back in 2011, the European Commission released its Green Paper on gambling – and confirmed that Malta had, by a considerable margin, the biggest gaming industry in Europe. As GTG Advocates will tell you, Malta a lot of history when it comes to gambling – but just how did Malta first become the gambling centre of Europe?Malta’s association with gambling goes back at least as far as 1922, when the country’s government enacted the Lotto Act. Few people then could have guessed just how much Maltese gaming would grow over the subsequent decades. The next milestone was in 1948, which saw the introduction of the Maltese National Lottery.Nowadays, with the advent of international holidaymaking, many people travel to Malta for the express purposes of trying their luck in some of the country’s many casinos. Day after day, people visit Malta and see for themselves just why it is the gambling centre of Europe. They sample the thrilling casinos and buzzing atmosphere as they try their hands at the various games of chance that are available to them in the hopes of winning big. So, if you are a keen gambler, you should know by now that there is only one place in Europe that will suit your needs and interests: Malta!