Though knowledge and experience can take you a long way when playing blackjack, it’s important, too, to have luck on your side.

Why Luck Can Sometimes Win Over Strategy

Blackjack is often seen as an enjoyable game because the element of luck can see a knowledgeable and experienced blackjack player defeated by someone new to the game. The permutations possible from 52 cards are innumerable, so there will be times when luck plays a part as to who wins and who loses. Consequently, the fact that a win can be achieved by luck can attract people to blackjack in the first place. To paraphrase the famous expression, though, eventually a person’s luck will run out. Someone can be successful when playing blackjack over a short period of time, but to be successful over a longer period requires knowledge, experience, skill and a strong strategy.

Why Experience Counts

An experienced blackjack player will not fall into the kind of trap that an inexperienced player can, especially when they are a beginner. A beginner will often become flustered by the number of hands they have to choose from. The more experienced the player, however, will draw on their experience and be more calm and calculating – which will improve their chances of making the right choices. There are ways of calculating when things are likely to be in your favour, too. A player can count the cards, and estimate their chances of winning to a degree. This doesn’t mean that they will inevitably win, but it helps in determining what they are likely to do next, rather than merely hoping for the best. Having the capability to concentrate and pay attention to detail also help to improve a player’s chances of winning. This, again, can be something that comes with experience, as the experienced player will feel relaxed and unflustered.